Ojiya/Tokyo/Isawa/Hiroshima Bound PSKoi Winter 2023

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Re: Ojiya/Tokyo/Isawa/Hiroshima Bound PSKoi Winter 2023

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Tomorrow I head back to Ojiya, so I can relax for half a day, and then the following morning I am taking the train to the airport to come home. This has been a fun trip. Japan is opening up more every day which is making it easier to be here.
On Friday January 27th Japans Prime Minister announced that they are going to down grade Covid to the "seasonal flu" starting May 8th. This should get rid of all the entry requirements, which really aren't that bad any more, and make it so you can book a flight, get on a plane and come to Japan. I am looking forward to that. In the meantime my April trip is already booked.
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