Isa Farm Visit 10-2016


We arrived at the Isa facility around 10am as they started the harvest very, very early in the morning. I would have had to miss my morning Starbucks:roll eyes:. When we arrived there was one truck and a group of people milling around but nothing happening. I think we waited 30 to 40 minutes before they started to unload. It was hard to believe there were 300 55cm to 65cm Nisai Showa in those two tanks on the truck.

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Ojiya/Hiroshima/Isawa Bound PSKoi Fall 2016


This trip is not going to happen exactly as the title describes. There isn’t enough room in the title to outline the trip as this is going to be the longest trip I have taken to Japan to buy Koi. I leave on October 7th and don’t come back until November 6th. When I arrive, I will be by myself, I will head to Ojiya for about 8 days. My first full day in Ojiya will be October 9th. I am arriving early to be able to go to more…

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