Yoshimichi Sakai at Sakai Fish Farms

I met Yoshimichi Sakai at Sakai Fish Farms. I have known Yoshimichi Sakai for almost three years. He is Kentaro Sakai’s uncle and worked with Kentaro’s father, at Sakai Fish Farms, from the beginning. Yoshimichi Sakai is the one that has been breeding all of those fabulous Koi at Sakai Fish Farms. Several years ago he left Sakai Fish Farms to start his own farm. It is called Sakai Company Limited. In January, I was a judge at the All Japan Koi Show, and I flew back to Hiroshima with Shinya Umeda and Yoshimichi Sakai. We talked about the major winners in the show and Yoshimichi asked me which one I voted for. I told him I voted for the Sakai Fish Farms Kohaku which was about 90cm. He smiled and said ‘that was mine’. The pride on his face was incredible. This is one of the many Grand Champion Koi he has been responsible for. We were the first ones he has shown his new company logo to.


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